Visualize Video Library

Anyone interested in imagination and visualization training will find The Queen’s Gambit, a short tv-series now on Netflix, an important watch. In episode one we see the main character, Beth, travel the hero’s journey. This is the journey we must follow to get into our unconscious, not just once, but every time we practice imagination and visualization work. Read more at video page.
You need a fast, do-it-anywhere, very, very way to practice. I’ve got it for you! If you have binge-watched, binge read, then you have a favorite character (and more) stamped on your heart. Why not bring up that beloved character to visualize and imagine? Hey, you’ve already got it, so use it! Learn the simple steps to direct and easy everyday practice, all painlessly. Go to video.
Step-by-step for how to build imagery of your comfortable place. A place for you to check-in and get centered for ease, heightened creativity, and a positive experience. Go to video.
You have two goals: 1. actually get started using visualization-imagination in your life, and 2. get good at these skills. Knowing WHEN to explore and practice these skills will get you off to a great start. The WHEN is probably not the when you expect. Give me 2 minutes and you will be ready to go. Go to video.
In about 4 minutes, learn why you should learn how to visualize. Go to video.
The top 7 reasons why you should learn how to visualize revealed. Visualization can be used for peak performance, memory enhancement, mind-body wellness, and more. Go to the video.
How to Visualize 101 – Step 1: Visualizing is the place to start to explore your imagination. You learn how to bring up images, hold them in your mind’s eye, and alter how they look, feel, or act. This is a great way to understanding something better and for making creative changes.
A crucial step of visualization is how to slow to make the shift to your inner world. Go to video.
How to Visualize 101 – Step 2: Learn how to Turn Inward so visualization can flourish. What to expect and how to do it. Go to video.
How to Visualize 101 – Step 3: A crucial step of visualization is the control of imagination. What’s the difference? You’ve got to know the difference between imagining and visualizing to master either. Go to video.
How to Visualize 101 – Step 4:
One of the blocks to getting into visualization work and practice is not knowing where to start. After closing our eyes, what do we do next?
You’ll always know what to do next if you pick a favorite image, an object, or a location you know well and always start there. Watch this short but complete video on the specifics of starting with target images. Go to video.