Everything you need to visualize is gathered right here. Step-by-step videos and articles get you into the mindset, reveal techniques, and recommend tools.

To visualize well does take some time so work steadily through this material, practice, and keep at it.   The basics are here, but feel free to follow your own needs, hunches, and curiosity.

It is important to be familiar with visualization before digging into the imagination. Think of learning how to visualize well is a stepping stone to learning how to imagine. It is really is for our mind and brain. The brain works best when we go into visualizing and then into imagining (more about that later).

Visualization is when we bring some image up in our mind, to examine it for what it is. We strive to have an accurate and strong image so we can examine it. Sometimes, we may wish to make a slight modification to what we are looking at so we can see what it might be like when we have made this modification. For instance, we want to paint a room. The room is currently light grey. We want to see what it might look like if we switched to a specific blue we have been looking at the paint store.

To see what it will look like, we want to bring up our specific room and make a specific change (change from grey to blue). We don’t want some fantasy image popping up and racing about, we simply want to look at our room. We keep close to the reality we know. This can be very valuable to inventors, researchers, and, as I have noted, decor-graphics-artists.

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