We already do lots of visualizing. Anytime we switch our attention from the exterior world or from general thinking, to using our mind’s eye to see something we want to examine, we are visualizing.

Introduction to Visualizing…4-minutes to learn a lot.

Intro to Visualizing

In about 4 minutes, learn why you should learn how to visualize.

How to Visualize – Begin right here

Visualizing – Why and What

Why Visualize?

The top 7 reasons why you should learn how to visualize revealed. Visualization can be used for peak performance, memory enhancement, mind-body wellness, and…

Visualizing – The Steps

Step 1 – Slow Down – How to Visualize 101

Visualizing is the place to start to explore your imagination. You learn how to bring up images, hold them in your mind’s eye, and alter how they look, feel,…

Step 3 – Control Your Imagination

A crucial step of visualization is the control of imagination. What’s the difference? You’ve got to know the difference between imagining and visualizing to …

Step 4 – Start with a Target Image – How to Visualize 101

One of the blocks to getting into visualization work and practice is not knowing where to start. After closing our eyes, what do we do next?You’ll always kno…


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