We already do lots of visualizing. Anytime we switch our attention from the exterior world or from general thinking, to using our mind’s eye to see something we want to examine, we are visualizing.

Watch this video Intro to Visualize…4-minutes to learn a lot.

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Your Learning Plan

Everything you need to visualize is gathered right here. Step-by-step videos and articles get you into the mindset, reveal techniques, and recommended tools.

To visualize well does take some time so work steadily through this material, practice, and keep at it.   The basics are here, but feel free to follow your own needs, hunches, and curiosity.

Armchair Dreamer Visualize Learning Materials – Table of Contents

Videos – All about how to do visualize work

Blog Posts – a mix of how-to-do-it instructions with things to know about visualizing

News – current reports, news, comments about visualizing hand-curated for you