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ARTICLES AND VIDEOS – How To Visualize Revealed

Everything you need to visualize is gathered right here. Step-by-step videos and articles get you into the mindset, reveal techniques, and recommend tools.

To visualize well does take some time so work steadily through this material, practice, and keep at it.   The basics are here, but feel free to follow your own needs, hunches, and curiosity.

It is important to be familiar with visualization before digging into imagination. Think of learning how to visualize well is a stepping stone to learning how to imagine. It is really is for our mind and brain. The brain works best when we go into visualizing and then into imagining (more about that later).

How to Work Thru These Articles and Videos

Start with the videos first. Work thru them in their order (mindset, techniques, and tools). Practice for awhile and then work with the articles. The articles have been sorted but there is a lot of material there.  You will get direct instructions, ideas, and new directions to pursue as you visualize.

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Above all, practice, practice, practice.  Visualize, visualize, visualize.

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-Major Topics:

– Mindset Necessary for Visualization

– Techniques and Tips


> Go Work Thru Videos but don’t forget to circle back and read the How-To Blog Posts that are sorted by main topic below.

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How-To Articles

Taken straight from the Armchair Dreamer blog, these articles reveal how to develop your power of visualization.

Related material is included from the In the News section and all about the nature of visualization itself. This includes information from science, psychology, history, and the experiences of very active visualizers.

  • Mindset Necessary for Visualization

  • Techniques and Tips

  • Tools

Visualization Examined – Science, History, and Experiences


Visualization Techniques & Tips

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Visualization Tools

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