The No Excuses Massage

Regular, full-body, massage has built-in barriers that keep many people from getting the benefits of touch. First, the cost. Second the nudity (even when it is strategically covered by towels). Thirdly, the time commitment. Small obstacles for some but major obstacles for many, many people.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, “In July 2008, 45 percent of women and 21 percent of men reported having a massage in the past five years.” There appears to be a gap here in terms of using this form of relaxation technique, especially for men.

Chair massage is a great avenue to getting touch relaxation with extremely minimal cost. Chair massages cost between $15 to $25 with times ranging from 15 to 20 minutes. You get back, neck, arm, hands, and sometimes head coverage. No disrobing, simply sit on the chair by resting your knees forward on a special support and rest your face on an oval-shaped pad. That’s it.

Finding chair massage can be tricky. Massage studios emphasize full-body massage so you frequently can’t find chair massage offered in those locations. Where else? Some chains like Massage Envy offer this service, some chair massage practitioners locate in high business areas, and others are found in smaller salons. If you don’t see anything popping up when you put your city or zip code into a search engine, ask around. Ask at salons and ask at mid-level to higher-end hotels. Keep searching because once you find chair massage near you, it will become one of your regular things to do. Barriers removed.

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  1. A chair massage is a great way of getting the benefits out without the barriers (possible discomfort, dressing down, etc.). I’ve seen a lot of chair massage locations in malls and shopping centers. I know that I had a great massage in San Francisco. It was a mobile service and they brought their own chair and equipment. I definitely recommend it for first-timers.

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