Peeling the Stress Onion

Analogies to Know Series

Stress seems like such a simple thing when we first start. We know that we are stressed and we know the sources of our stress so we start practicing a relaxation technique.

With just a little bit of work we feel stress lift from our body, heart, and head. At last we are free….totally free.

If we don’t stop and we keep practicing, we notice things we had not seen in the beginning. Under the first layer of stress is another.  “This must be it, the final layer, no more,” we tell ourselves. We go after it and in time, we peel that one back.

All done.

If we continue to practice our technique and try others that will deepen our experience of relaxation we will find: “Wait!  This can’t be….there is more tension/stress!”

We have layers and layers of stress.

This can be seen as a burden, or, as I hope you will see it, a journey of discovery followed by a journey of work.  Discover one, work it to peel it and then go again to find more layers. This journey will be profound because with many layers, comes not only less stress, but heightened awareness, positivity, and creativity.

Find a handful of practices, practice, discover, and peel.


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