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Fed Up Of All The Negativity Around You? Train Your Brain To Escape All The Chaos Peacefully – [News: Visualize]

A study reveals that self-guided positive emotional imagery training has great potential to improve the everyday emotional well-being overcoming negative emotions. “The close relationship between the human imagery system and our emotions can cause deep emotional perturbations”, said Dr. Svetla Velikova of Smartbrain in Norway.

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How to Visualize 101 – Step 1 – [Visualize Video]

Visualizing is the place to start to explore your imagination. You learn how to bring up images, hold them in your mind’s eye, and alter how they look, feel, or act. This is a great way to understanding something better and for making creative changes.

A crucial step of visualization is how to slow to make the shift to your inner world. Learn how here.

The Visualize 101 Series: This is a comprehensive series that teaches you everything you need to know to get started and to work deeply with visualization. Visualizing is used by many for several purposes: peak sports performance; stress relief; better academic performance thru better focus; police, fire, and military for better performance and focus; people who want to dump bad habits and learn new good habits; for mentally practicing anything; for wellness; for intensely sharp concentration, and memory enhancement.

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Dreams and Dreaming, In the News

Scientists identify parts of brain involved in dreaming – – [News: Dreaming]

Brain scans – Scientists have unpicked the regions of the brain involved in dreaming, in a study with significant implications for our understanding of the purpose of dreams and of consciousness itself. What’s more, changes in brain activity have been found to offer clues as to what the dream is about.

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Source: Scientists identify parts of brain involved in dreaming | Science | The Guardian

Multiple brain scans of dreamers