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9 Artists Who Made Perfect Spaces for Meditation – [News: Imagine]

“It’s a safe bet that anyone who’s spent a prolonged amount of time looking at a painting—or failing that, can recall the Seurat scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off—can recognize the meditative power of art. But several artists have taken this idea further, building entire environments meant to help viewers experience deep serenity or contemplation. From giant saltwater tanks to secluded Appalachian outposts, these nine works provide space to guide in focused meditation.” Read full article at link below – (this article has been curated by the Armchair Dreamer)

Notes from the Armchair Dreamer:

Having a place to go in your imagination can greatly enhance your work.

The article shows beautiful and sometimes mysterious places for imagination work. We can develop our own artsy places by:

-Finding them in our community – What building fasciantes you? Is there a special place where you can go and be?  Is there a nature area that strikes you as super cool?

-Use our imagination to remember (visualization) a cool place we have been or imagine (create something new in your mind’s eye) a special place well suited for imagination, contemplation, and meditation.

Take a look at the photos….

Source: From Kusama to Turrell, 9 Artists Who Made Perfect Spaces for Meditation