Dream Work

Every night, remembered or not, our unconscious is busy at work, creating vivid and important dream experiences. The night is filled with dramatic activity, insights, new combinations of characters, objects, places that have never existed and may never come to pass. Our brain activity runs full blast as our bodies achieve their fullest inactivity.

Watch this 4-minute video to get a quick intro to dream work:

What is dream work?

Dreamwork involves listening and decoding. Listening involves being aware that we are dreaming and then remembering all or parts of the dream so we can write it down. If we don’t write it down we at least mull it over looking for what we can find.

Decoding involves looking to our dream as it might relate to our life experiences, our emotional life, our needs, aspirations, and more. Along with that, we can get some possible help from others who have closely explored their dreams.

> Separate dream capture from dream decoding. Master your dream capture skills first.

I know you like all of us want to jump right into dream decoding, but if you can do it, wait. You will have your dream notes so you can dig into them later, but will you have to good at dream capture to have anything to decode.

Are you ready to learn how to do dreamwork?

Fast and simple, that is the goal for your learning here at the Armchair Dreamer. All of what you need to get started and keep going with dreamwork is in Armchair Dreamer videos, guides, checklists, and blog posts. And the library is growing.

Armchair Dreamer Learning Materials – Table of Content

Videos – All about how to do dream work

Guide Books & Checklists – this is it, the how-do-it instructions for getting down to dream work.

Blog Posts – a mix of how-to-do it instructions with things to know about dreaming

News – current reports, news, comments about dreaming hand curated for you