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Following and Flowing with En-Trancing Found Sounds – Post: Visualize] [Post: Imagine]

Most people have some sound, natural or man-made, that they know can grab their minds and en-trance it. Gentle rainfall, a fan, crickets chirping, a train passing, a rocking chair.

The common features of these en-trancing found sounds is a fairly steady rhythm that is seduces our mind and emotions into following it. Just following. No need to be critical of anything. How can you be critical of ocean waves, hmm of a hair dryer, or a car moving down the highway on a long trip? First we follow the sound and then we allow ourselves to let the sound lead us as we turn off our evaluative minds. Our larger world drops away as the sound covers over other competing sounds that might distract us or at least keep us vigilant, listening for trouble.

Making the transition between being very active and being very internalized and deep can be hard but here is a method to make that journey. Use a favorite found sound is an easy, direct, usually highly effective way to ease into deeper imaginal states and work.

Sounds to Try – Entrancing Found Sounds:

Nature Sounds:

Water – rainfall (on many different types of surfaces)
Water – waterfall
Water – stream
Water – waves
Night sounds
Jungle sounds
Swamp sounds
Fire – bonfire, fireplace
Heart beat


Electric fan
Wooden sailboat
Water sprinkler
Grandfather clock
Hair dryer
White noise
Brown noise
Pink noise
Vacuum cleaner
Jumbled human voices (i.e. cafe sounds)
Ticking clock
Bathroom shower
Motorboat on waves
Clothes dryer
Passing traffic on a city street

How to Find Them

Some of these are easy to find or setup such as floor fan, wind chimes, or ticking clock. If we can set them all we need to do then is position ourselves to hear them. Another way is use recordings via phone apps, desk computers, or mp3 files

See these sources for computer based found sounds: – Compose your own mix of sounds or listen to single sound from an extensive recordings library

Search your phone’s app store for: white sound; relaxation; and stress apps

Look through audio recordings at any large bookstore (online and bricks and mortar) or speciality seller of relaxation tunes.