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Finding Free Imagery Recordings – [Post: Imagine]

It only takes a few minutes to find more free guided imagery recordings than you can handle.  Any search engine will get you audio and video recordings that are either professionally produced or at least very well done. Most run 5 to 8 minutes but plenty can be found that get into longer experiences (15 to 20 minutes).

Who’s producing the recordings?
Universities have them for their students. Hospitals and insurance companies have them for their patients and customers, respectively. Guided imagery artists give out some free recordings in the hope of gaining customers for their paid products.

Where to start?
I include a few links below to get you started but do take a few minutes and look for yourself. Use a search engine and search video sites like You Tube and music sites including SoundCloud. Plug in these search terms as:  guided imagery recordings; free guided imagery recordings; guided journeys; free imagery recording.

Universities & Colleges:


Guided Imagery Artists:

Insurance Companies:

Guide to many: