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[News] A Tiny Spot In Mouse Brains May Explain How Breathing Calms The Mind | Scribd

A Tiny Spot In Mouse Brains May Explain How Breathing Calms The MindA cluster of neurons connects breathing and emotion centers in mouse brains, researchers say. If this turns out to be true in humans, it could explain how controlled breathing calms the mind.

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[News] Fed Up Of All The Negativity Around You? Train Your Brain To Escape All The Chaos Peacefully

A study reveals that self-guided positive emotional imagery training has great potential to improve the everyday emotional well-being overcoming negative emotions. “The close relationship between the human imagery system and our emotions can cause deep emotional perturbations”, said Dr. Svetla Velikova of Smartbrain in Norway.

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[News] Ancient technique can dramatically improve memory, research suggests | Science | The Guardian

The memory palace of Robert Fludd

Cultivating a ‘memory palace’ can make long-lasting improvements to recall, say scientists, suggesting many of us have untapped memory reserves A Sherlock-like ability to put a name to a face and other prodigious feats of memory are likely to be mostly down to hours of training and using the right mnemonic techniques.

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Master Visualization With Sense Memory

You’ve been there countless times:

-enjoyed pizza
-felt a cooling breeze
-heard the sounds of a cafe
-saw your favorite vacation spot
-smelled a warm drink

We don’t need to know anymore. We don’t need to go anywhere or ask for help. We’ve got it in us. Evoking sensory memory, one-by-one is much easier and more pleasurable than you first think. It also can be done in found moments. We don’t need long imagination sessions because these experiences are not buried deep.

Reminder: This is a visualization exercise, but you are not limited to the visual.  This will become very apparent, and you will know it after you have worked with non-visual sense memories for awhile. Smells, tastes, sounds, and touch memories will really pop and be as powerful as visual memories.

The Steps

  1. Decide on what sensory experience you want to call up.  It doesn’t have to anything special, just something you like, are curious about or need to know better.
  2. Pick a sense you want to explore in memory. You will probably find you have a favored sense; I like sound memories first, followed by taste memories.
  3. Switch gears mentally and go into your memory. You know how to do this.
  4. Pull up a memory where the target sense is very active or can be very active. We may have a general memory where we know we had a sense at work, so we may need to zoom in on that sense in that scene to get the vividness we want.

General goal

Find a sensory experience and make it as vivid in your mind/heart/body as possible. Get it real.

To get good and to get it feeling real, you will need to practice this a few times a day for a few weeks. Just a couple of minutes per practice session. Enjoy.


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Finding Free Imagery Recordings

It only takes a few minutes to find more free guided imagery recordings than you can handle.  Any search engine will get you audio and video recordings that are either professionally produced or at least very well done. Most run 5 to 8 minutes but plenty can be found that get into longer experiences (15 to 20 minutes).

Who’s producing the recordings?
Universities have them for their students. Hospitals and insurance companies have them for their patients and customers, respectively. Guided imagery artists give out some free recordings in the hope of gaining customers for their paid products.

Where to start?
I include a few links below to get you started but do take a few minutes and look for yourself. Use a search engine and search video sites like You Tube and music sites including SoundCloud. Plug in these search terms as:  guided imagery recordings; free guided imagery recordings; guided journeys; free imagery recording.

Universities & Colleges:


Guided Imagery Artists:

Insurance Companies:

Guide to many: