Discover the Unconscioius

Ask a Question and Let Your Unconscious Step Forward – [Post: Imagine]

Our Unconscious is always churning along, getting inputs from the outside, from our body and mind, and doing its own thing mainly quietly in the background.

We can make the Unconscious more visible by simply asking questions and receiving whatever the Unconscious wants to show us at that moment. The process is simple, but we have to be flexible to simply receive, and here is the hard part, be open to the fact that we frequently can’t explain why one thing came up and others did not.

Enough talk; give it a try now.

Step 1: At a time of your choosing when you know you can focus on what you are doing and what it means, simply ask/instruct yourself:

-Show me something important
-What do you want me to see right now?
-What will tomorrow look like?
-What is just below the surface that you can show me?

Take what you get. Don’t explain it away as: “Of course, this came up now because I had been….” Drop the tendency to claim credit and responsibility for everything that pops up in your mind.  Unless you consciously, and I mean very consciously, constructing imagery (doing visualization), then whatever comes up is being served to you by your Unconscious.

Again, for me, the Unconscious is broadly defined as that which runs outside of our control but responds to our questions and which runs outside of our control but responds to our questions and needs but can seem absent when we have not developed the capability to see/hear/feel it.

When stuff comes up, don’t claim credit for it. It came from somewhere largely out of your control, creatively wrapped with thoughts, feelings, and intuitions, and you are more a receiver than a maker in its presence.

Keep thinking and feeling about this whole thing until you start to feel comfortable with a presence over your shoulder. Yes, you are being watched, but it is also there to serve your needs.